Multimodal transport
We offer road, rail and short sea transport. This combination enables us to offer transport that’s tailored to perfection. We find solutions for every transport challenge. Efficiency is what drives us, just like environmentally friendly transport. Easy-Intermodal preferably makes use of sustainable modalities. Is your cargo currently transported to Italy by truck? Perhaps it’s quicker, better ánd more environmentally friendly to transport it by train. How? Read more about the various options below.

Flow of goods
There are two types of flows of goods:
1. Goods that arrive outside of Europe and are transferred to European destinations, and vice versa.
2. Goods that are loaded and unloaded within Europe.

Depending on your needs (destinations, available time) we’re happy to give you advice about the most efficient multimodal transport solutions.

Rail Transport 

By rail we transport goods in containers, tanks, swap bodies or trailer cranes. Intermodal trains commute between two destinations, often with a set schedule and fixed arrival and departure times. With the right information, the (un)loading times are accurately determined.

Inland waterway transport
Inland waterway transport plays an important role in the logistics of countries with navigable waterways. When delivery time is not an issue, the transport of goods by inland waterway vessels within the coastal line is the ideal and most cost-effective solution.

Shortsea transport is the intermodal transport of intra-European loads, usually by using containers and trailers. A large part of the transport is overseas, but the ocean is never crossed. Depending on the starting point and final destination of the transport, the goods are also transported by road, barge or train.

Why multimodal transport by Easy Intermodal?

      Efficient, in both time and costs










    Often with guaranteed transit times (in case of rail and shortsea)