Our personal approach

Easy-Intermodal works hard to win your trust, through personal contact and our proactive attitude. But also by giving you te best, most efficient, environmentally conscious and up-to-date information and advice for the best price always, at any time. Why this is important we would like to tell you ourselves.

ingcorrect Ingrid van Oest

"I don't know better than working in logistic transport: it is what I do and who I am. Therefore, I am always up-to-date, I stay informed about all ins and outs in this business. This enables me to find the best solutions possible."

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naamloos Kelly Talman

“It’s not only the company that interests me, also the person behind it. That’s why I like to build a relationship with our clients. We’re going for the long term! I have a great understanding of their processes and that’s highly appreciated. We quickly understand each other.”

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EasyShipping-LR-7082 Marijke Rosmolen

“I’m known for my punctuality. In addition, I value a fair and open relationship with our debtors"

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